“Urban Landscape”  and “residue” are series of unique jewelry pieces inspired by the streets of Pittsburgh, PA. During a month long sculpture project in the mid of winter - the residue and decay of ice, salt and rust stains on city sidewalks and asphalt surfaces, created a visual and material vocabulary from which I borrowed inspirations of nature’s corrosive elements. First to be utilized in the execution of my sculpture,  and then, to be revisited in the jewelry pieces.  Constructed forms of highly textured and painterly surfaces balance on delicate wire neck-armatures to create wearable sculptures. Surface texture and heat-induced patina are the result of a dialogue amongst different materials; silver, iron and steel, allowing reactions to occur between various metals and solders create the palette which is then constructed into the piece itself.   This series of work began in 2005 and still continues to date.

DIMENSIONS: Brooches vary from 1.5” high to 4.25” high.  Neckpieces vary from 9” high to 15” high including the neck armature

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urban landscape I jewelry