Skin forms comprises a grouping of my work that investigates the oneness of jewelry and sculpture.  The overall concept is to look at jewelry as being the most intimate form of sculpture. 

Skin forms consist of skeletal structures formed of steel wire and covered with a skin of flax and abaca paper.  Though it embodies the essence of jewelry, it has been transformed into a sculptural object that bears witness to its own history. 

Issues of sculpture and scale, of anthropological significance and of concealed life stories of the wearer emanate from within.  Also relevant is the evolution of the meaning of precious, and the aesthetics of vulnerability and decay.  This is jewelry that has lived and, having lived, been transformed.

dimensions:   Objects vary from 4” to  8” high.  Wall pieces from 11”to 20”square. 

                                Suspended sculptures vary from 20” to  5 feet high.

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skin I forms